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Kyle Ellison was raised on Maui and has been helping visitors experience the island for over 15 years. 

Even when he was twelve years old and flying back from the Mainland, he'd help his seat mates plan their trip by drawing them maps, discussing where to snorkel, or where to find the best food. 

The island of Maui is Kyle's home, and he wants to make sure that everyone who visits goes away with the best possible experience.

There are lots of "wrong" ways to visit the island, but with a little help and local knowledge you can go back home with an understanding of why this place is so special.

He's written two Maui guidebooks, was named the "Travel Writer of the Year by the Hawaii Ecotourism Association," and as a freelance writer has written about Maui for numerous publications. Aside from educating visitors about Maui he's also worked as a divemaster, Snuba guide, charter boat captain and server.

When he isn't writing he's probably standup paddling , and he lives in Kula with his wife and two sons...mahalo for visiting the site!