Private Maui Travel Consultation

Do you ever wish you could just call up the guy who actually wrote the guidebook?  With this private Maui consultation that's exactly what you can do! 

Save the time of scrolling through TripAdvisor forums or asking your friends on Facebook. I've already taken care of all the research and can offer you tips and money saving advice that could also save your vacation! 

With a private Maui consultation you'll get:

  • A 1-hour phone call with The Maui Expert 
  • Follow up e-mail with tips, suggestions, and a recap of everything discussed.
  • The ability to stay in contact by email, even after your phone call.
  • Access to concierge services—we can handle the bookings for you!
  • Expert advice from a Maui-raised resident. It could be anything from helping you find the best flight deals to discussing activities, finding the best beaches, and making sure that you make the most of every minute on Maui. 

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