Mokulei'a Beach (aka "Slaughterhouse")

Mokuleia Bay (Slaughterhouse Beach) Maui
Overview: Mokulei'a Beach—while once a "secret"—has exploded in popularity to the point where it's almost impossible to find parking after 10am.

You can beat the crowds by showing up early (and also beat the wind...), although don't attempt to go snorkeling here if the waves are crashing on the rocks.

For the calmest conditions, visit in summer, and remember, get there early!

If, however, it's a nice day for snorkeling, you can often find octopus clinging to the wall on the far northern end of the bay, and eagle rays are commonly spotted off the point that separates Mokulei'a from Honolua Bay.

You could argue the snorkeling here is as good—if not better—than it is at Honolua, and while the white sand beach is nicer than Honolua, the snorkeling area is smaller.

So why is the beach called "Slaughterhouse?" There used to be a slaughterhouse up on the bluff but it was demolished in the 1960s.

Good For: Snorkeling, bonfires, bodysurfing, turtles, escaping the resort-area rush

Not So Good For: Snorkeling in winter when the surf is up, travelers with any mobility issues, finding parking from 10am-4pm.

Maui Expert Tip For Mokuleia Bay (Slaughterhouse): If it's recently rained the snorkeling will be better here than it will be at Honolua Bay.
Directions and Parking Situation: Drive 1.6 miles north from the Kapalua entrance and look for parking stalls on the left side of the road.

You'll see a steep set of stairs leading down to the beach, and if all the parking spaces are full, park along the side of the road—just be sure to obey the signs.

Facilities: None. Pack it in pack it out.