Olowalu ("Mile Marker 14") 

Olowalu Beach Maui Mile Marker 14
Overview: Most visitors know this as "Mile Marker 14,", but the real name is Olowalu—and it's one of Maui's best snorkeling sites.

This long strip of golden sand sits right at the base of Olowalu Valley and next to Olowalu Village, and while it's become famous as a snorkeling spot, it can also make for a nice place to just sit and wade with young children.

While much of the beach is really narrow (and literally right on the road), there's a wider section of sand in front of Camp Olowalu. Just park near the northern end of the beach if you want to relax in a beach chair, and park closer to the 14 mile marker if you're planning on doing any snorkeling. Like all beaches on Maui, mornings are best, and watch for the kiawe thorns in the sand—they hurt if you're walking around barefoot!

Good For: Snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, suntanning, enjoying an impromptu roadside beach session.

Not So Good For: Swimming, luxury, public facilities

Maui Expert Tip For Olowalu (aka "Mile Marker 14"): So here's the thing with Olowalu—aka "Mile Marker 14:"

You can't snorkel on low tide—especially during a new or full moon. The reef here is shallow to the point that it literally sticks up out of the water on the lowest tides of the year.

Finding your way to the outside of the reef can often seem like a maze, and you want to make sure to not touch or damage any of the sensitive coral heads. If you plan on snorkeling at Olowalu, time your visit around high tide (here's a tide chart to help you out), and enter the water on the section of sand that's right by the 14 mile marker.
Directions and Parking Situation: Olowalu is so close to the highway that water washes up on to the road on a south swell and high tide. You can park on the makai, or ocean side of the highway, wherever you find a spot, although be careful to not get your rental car tires stuck in a patch of dry sand.

If you plan on snorkeling, the easiest entry is right in front of the 14 mile marker sign, although if you plan to spend most your time on the sand you can park on the very northern end, just before Camp Olowalu.

Facilities: None. Pack it in pack it out. If you need any supplies, Olowalu General Store is right up the road.
Olowalu Beach Maui