Oneloa Beach (aka "Ironwood Beach")

Oneloa Beach Ironwood Beach Kapalua Maui
Overview: Tucked away in Kapalua, Oneloa (or more commonly, "Ironwoods"), is the definition of "out of sight, out of mind."

Hardly anyone makes it here for no other reason than you simply can't see it from the road, but those who do are treated to a beach that's mostly frequented by wedding parties in the hour just before sunset.

Surfers know this beach as "Shitties" (since the waves are never very good), but sometimes they're the only waves you can find—and this isn't a place for longboards.

Good For: Beachcombing, solitude, wedding portraits, early mornings, sunset viewing, escaping the crowds, taking a walk on the Kapalua Coastal Trail, advanced surfing, snorkeling on days it's exceptionally calm.

Not So Good For: Relaxing in the shade, travelers with mobility issues, casual swimming, beginner surfers.

Maui Expert Tip For Oneloa Bay (Ironwood Beach): On the calmest of days when there isn't any surf you can snorkel along the large wall on the northern end of the bay. Just be sure you're very experienced with getting in and out of the water.
Directions and Parking Situation: You can access the beach from two directions, though both involve some walking. The easiest is to park in the small parking lot at the junction of Kapalua Place and Lower Honoapi'ilani Road, and then follow the set of concrete stairs that lead down to the beach.

The other is to start from Kapalua Bay and follow the Kapalua Coastal Trail as it weaves across Hawea Point and eventually emerges at the coastal boardwalk that fronts Onleoa Beach.

Facilities: There's a shower at the top of the concrete stairs, but other than that, it's wild.
Oneloa Beach Ironwood Beach Kapalua Maui