Papalaua Wayside Park ("Thousand Peaks")

Papalaua Wayside Park Thousand Peaks Maui 
Overview: Located immediately at the base of the pali (the cliffy section of road wit the tunnel), Papalaua Beach Park is where West Maui officially “begins.”

Although it definitely isn't the best beach on Maui, Papalaua (which locals refer to as “Thousand Peaks”) is a popular spot with surfers, campers, and anyone looking for an impromptu dip in the ocean.

The swimming here is murky and poor, and although you might notice some snorkeling boats at nearby “Coral Gardens,” snorkeling from shore is generally poor, except for the calmest of days. Given the difficulty, it’s best to snorkel somewhere else and leave this for beach chairs and longboards.

Good For: Surfing, camping, kayaking, standup paddling and cooling off with an unscheduled dip in the water.

Not So Good For: Snorkeling, swimming, public facilities, walking without stepping on thorns.

Maui Expert Tip For Papalaua Wayside Park: Papalaua Beach Park is one of the island's only places you can legally camp on the beach. There's no camping on Wednesday and Thursday, and click here for fees and more info
Directions and Parking Situation: Papalaua Wayside Park is by mile marker 10.5 of Honoapi'ilani Highway. Parking is along the side of the road in the dirt and sandy parking area, and most people tend to congregate on the southern end of the beach.

Facilities: Port a potties, camping (by permit only)