Pu'unoa Beach (aka "Baby Beach") 

Puunoa Baby Beach Lahaina Maui
Overview: Just minutes from Front Street, Pu'unoa (or "Baby Beach") is one of Maui's best beaches for visiting with children. Thanks to the barrier reef offshore, this beach is home to a natural lagoon that's almost always tucked out of the wind and flat as a sheet of glass.

It isn't really a great place to snorkel (and be careful of shallow coral heads), but it's tough to beat the calm conditions for wading and swimming with young ones.

Unfortunately, there aren't any public showers or restrooms (which can be challenging when visiting with children), but you do get a lot of natural shade and grass for laying out blankets.

During the summer, Mala surf break on the northern end is incredibly popular with long boarders, just don't expect to catch any waves—it's pretty much "locals only."

Good For: Visiting with young children, walking distance from Front Street, relaxing on a floatie, watching the sunset, finding a beach that's out of the wind when it's windy in Ka'anapali.

Not So Good For: Snorkeling, swimming, diving, paddleboarding, finding nearby parking.

Maui Expert Tip For Pu'unoa Beach (Aka "Baby Beach"): If you access the beach by the Lahaina Jodo Mission, turn left once you hit the sand and the best section of beach is down by the shaded area with grass.

Also be sure to take all of your valuables since break-ins are known to occur.
Directions and Parking Situation: The easiest way to reach the beach is to travel along Front Street and turn down Ala Moana Street and park by the Lahaina Jodo Mission. Just look for the "Jesus Coming Soon" church and signs for Mala Boat Ramp. There's a parking lot at the very end of Ala Moana Street, though be forewarned it's probably a good idea to lock your car.

If arriving by foot from downtown Lahaina, you can access the southern end of the beach by making a left on Kai Pali Place where it intersects with Front Street. Just before the second house on your left, look for a narrow, almost hidden sidewalk that leads behind the back of a house—that's the public beach access.

Facilities: None. Technically there's a shower all the way by Mala Boat Ramp, as well as a small spicket and hose by the southern, sidewalk beach access.